Crisis Cleaning Can Help You Get Started!

Dear Friends,

I know that some of you have trouble getting started because your home is so overwhelming. I have always found that if I get one room clean, it helps me to continue will the whole process. I like to start with my kitchen. As the kitchen goes so does the rest of the house. When I was a child, my job was cleaning the bathroom. I could get in there and really give it a good scrub. It would not take long and I had something that I got strokes for.

I don’t recommend Crisis cleaning unless you need to get a quick handle on the chaos in your home. I don’t want you to crash and burn. I do know that once the worst is done, with your routines in hand and posted everywhere, you can keep it from ever getting in that shape again. Sometimes this is all it takes get you going.

At the end of the month many of you will be having guests come and visit for family gatherings: Passover, Easter, or other events. I have heard the panic in your voices. There are others that need to get the mess cleaned because of friction in your marriages or children bringing home future in-laws. The stress is hard on you. This is why we have posted our Crisis Cleaning on the website.

This will help you tackle the CHAOS, but it won’t keep it away. We have been crisis cleaning our whole lives. The problem is that never does stay clean long. In a day or two the mess has taken back over and you are overwhelmed again; Not to mention exhausted from the Marathon you just put yourself through. If you will get the surface clear(Just the part that guests see)then over the next few months you will declutter the hidden areas and find homes for all the stuff that is in bags on your bedroom floor and in your closet. Yes I know what you do when company is coming! You bag it all up and put it in your bedroom; the graveyard things to deal with later.

Please follow the directions! Do not skip a single step! I do not want you to crash and burn. Pace yourself.

Some of you need to see immediate results. I don’t recommend this for everyone, but we are all different. Your home did not get dirty over night and it is not going to get clean in a day! It may look clean on the surface, but it won’t stay that way unless you take BabySteps to establish your routines so you will never have to Crisis Clean again.

I want for you what I have: Peace and it came from being able to open my doors at a moments notice. Routines can do this for you too.

Are you ready to FLY?


P.S. Don’t you dare get sidetracked by cleaning out a cabinet, closet or a drawer! Now is not the time!

My podcast for Crisis Cleaning is on this page.

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