October Habit #19 Things Getting Even Better

Dear FlyLady,

I want to thank you for helping me to start getting my house in order!

For paper clutter, I’ve been using your suggestion of doing bills once a week – all of the paper that comes in, gets placed in a handing folder until that day.

Also on that day, I bring in a small case that holds files folders from the car – I have 3 main folders in the case: “Stores”, “Restaurants” and “Groceries”. Also in the case I have current magazines or other reading items. Items get filed, and back into the car the case goes. That way I always have coupons in case I’m caught out and in need of a coupon.

I also have similar files for my email — I had an ah-ha moment about 3 weeks ago – and set up filters in my inbox – so the emails get automatically filed into the appropriate folder (no more wasting time moving emails into folders!), and I only have to deal with the supposed “important” emails that come into my box.

The Cozi to do and shopping lists are wonderful! And I have my Control Journal written into the to-do lists. Your missions are right in my calendar!  The new Menu Planning tool is awesome too. Select the recipe from anywhere on the web and get it added to my shopping list automatically. A quick comparison in the kitchen marking off the items I already have. How cool is that!

I look forward to things getting even better and better 15 min at a time.

Fluttering in Jackson, TN

Please share your Paper Clutter stories, tips and routines with me.

Send them to FlyLady@FlyLady.net with PAPER CLUTTER in the subject line.

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