Starting Over with Baby Steps

Dear FlyLady,

My Husband had a Heart attack in July this year and all routines flew out the window. When he came home everything changed and I am now his full time carer as he has other health issues as well. Not having any family  and friends who flew the nest when we needed help means we are on our own.

My old routine no longer worked, I did however mange to keep up with Shining my Sink and Swish and Swipe and Dust with  the feather duster.

Everything else has gone out the window so I have started over, slowly adding the things one Baby Step at a time.

I am not behind I am making a fresh start and finding a routine that works for me.

This is hard as I have really bad nights up to 3 times a week and have had to call the Ambulance out twice since my Husbands return home.

I get up at the same time every day and dress to shoes.

I get as much as I can done before my Husband gets up.  I make time for myself during the day and rest, making sure I have a set time to go to bed, layout my clothes and put out hot spots and shine my sink, this means I have a good start to the day.

You never know what is around the corner but I have found that your plans work and that I can and will get a new routine that will work for me.

I am trying to work out a plan so I can start a new Control Journal. Nothing is impossible as long as you have a plan and with all the information on FLYLADY I  will be able to do what is needed and keep my home nice, not perfect but able to have people over. It also means I won’t feel I have to say ‘Sorry about the mess’ when the Doctor or Ambulance crew arrives.

FlyLady to the rescue, Thank you.

Paula from Milton Keynes England

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