A Pet Emergency

Dear FlyLady,

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.  I could go into great detail about how much more peaceful our lives are now that clutter is gone and the house is clean & company ready 24/7. How our menus are planned and tons of money is being saved each week because we aren’t eating out.  I can rave about being able to wash dishes in my always sanitized and shiny sink whereas before I never really trusted it. But today I want to focus on a different twist in FlyLand. Being ready for a pet emergency.

I was completely dressed to the shoes when our beloved dog became severely ill all over my bathroom floor. Because I was already armed (thanks Swish & Swipe) with a roll of paper towels and spray alcohol, I was able to immediately clean it all up and not have to even take one step to go find cleaner and paper towels. Since my shopping had all been done on errand day, I knew exactly where my new bottle of bleach was and my mop was already equipped with a washable pad. Since laundry was  all taken care of, rugs could easily be thrown in the washer. Keys, purse, ID and debit card were right where they should be and since I had just looked over my planner (as I do each morning over tea or coffee), I knew exactly when heartworm prevention and flea meds had last been administered and when they were next due. I felt so confident in being able to readily give this information to the emergency vet (this is the weekend and our regular office is closed).  Since bills were paid and all accounts were checked just two days ago, I knew we had money in the right place to pay for the emergency visit.

All of this may be no big deal to those who have been “flying” for awhile, but to a newbie of just two months of flight…it’s huge! Flying works and Flylady gets all my appreciation today.

A Texas Fledgling,

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