October Habit #20 That Was Motivation Enough

Dear FlyLady,

I’ve been reading other testimonials this month I had to tell you about what I found in my paper clutter. I keep a little box on my counter to keep pens and notepaper available by the phone. It tends to collect bits of paper and other odds and ends – yes it is a hotspot. I have occasionally given the box a shallow cleaning, but it never overflowed so I thought I had a handle on it.

Anyways I made cookies for a Labor Day picnic. I took my wedding ring off to roll out dough and in the rush of things never put it back on. Well, when I went to put it back on, I could not find it. I worried about it for weeks, searching under vents, cupboards, etc. (I got a LOT of detail cleaning done during my searches). I finally gave up and my husband told me not to worry about it anymore, that he’d get me another ring.

I was overwhelmed by the paper challenge at the beginning of October, but after shining my sink one night I looked at my little box on the counter and thought to myself “I can tackle that. That little box will probably take about 2 minutes.” Wouldn’t you know that right there the whole time was my wedding ring buried under little slips of paper and a jumble of pens.

I can take a hint and that was motivation enough. In two nightly sessions I cleared 2 full boxes and put together a very simple and accessible file system – all while relaxing and watching TV. Thanks for your challenges, and for the simple reminders that doing something is better than doing nothing.

Fluttering in Illinois

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