I Can See Clearly Now!

Dear Friends,

This morning I started playing iTunes Roulette. I love when a song reminds me of an essay.

Do you remember the song that has this verse? I can see clearly now the rain is gone; all obstacles that were in my way. I don’t know the exact words, I will look them up later.

Your clutter is standing in your way. When you take the time to eliminate it, you will find that the brain fog that has been clouding your vision will slowly begin to lift and you will start to think clearly. You don’t believe me. How can my clutter be clouding my brain!

Well let me tell you! Clutter has a life of its own! And it changes shapes too! We have the physical clutter! We all know and have it hiding. Then there is the mental clutter: WORRY! My granny calls it “studying on it” Worry takes you away from the here and now and puts you in that “Ole poor me” mode in the future! I am here to tell you, if you think about it, you are going to bring it about!

Then there is GUILT! Oh this one eats us alive! It takes you away from the present and puts you in the past! No wonder you can’t get anything accomplished, you are stuck in some time warp and you can’t get out! I want you to jump out of this black hole and deal with the now! What can you do right this minute that would make you feel better? Is it balance your check book, look at your bills and pay them, or is it shining your sink or just spending 15 minutes clearing off your desk so you can think when you are sitting there!

Financial clutter is baggage that just gets heavier if you don’t sit down and deal with it. As hard as it is; opening up those bills and putting them down on paper is going to help you see through the fog. It is the not knowing and not dealing with it that keeps us blinded. Then you can see who you need to call and talk to. You can make a plan if you know. If you don’t face this with courage and at least 15 minutes at a time, you are going to get stranded not knowing and the fear, worry, and guilt is going to keep you paralyzed in your blindness!

This kind of clutter makes your other clutter get worse! Not to mention your hips! We stuff our feelings and eat, putting more clutter on our bodies which put more guilt on you! This vicious cycle has got to stop!

I would not be able to do what I do surrounded by clutter! It was only after I faced my fears of letting go of stuff, money problems, and guilt that I was able to see that my life had a purpose! Your well being is precious to me! I want you to take care of yourself!

Are you ready to FLY?


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