New Year New Home

Dear FlyLady,

I’ve been flying with you for 6 weeks, and the difference in our home is amazing! We moved into our home on New Year’s Eve with our 14 year old who is homeschooled, a 21 month old, an 11 month old, and I was 30 weeks pregnant. So for several months we just did the best (we thought) we could with getting our house in order. Inevitably, we had a few boxes left to unpack that were non-essentials taking up room in our office. The desk and kitchen bar were our “hottest” spots – both an eyesore and rendering those spaces useless.

Over Labor Day weekend I saw a Facebook ad for your homeschool emails and decided to sign up for all of your emails. Following your plan has helped me reclaim the abundant space in our home for beauty and function. My husband is thrilled, and I’m using my time more wisely during the day. Thank you for your guidance and encouragement through your daily emails that have transformed the look and feel of our home for the better!

Flying down South,

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