October Habit #24 It Feels So Freeing

Dear FlyLady,

I started “flying” the day my 4th and 5th graders went back to school in August. After my attempts all summer to get things done around the house. I was ready to fly!  I first heard of you while attending MOPS several years ago. I’ve only mastered the sink-well sort of.

Anyway, now is the time to fly and I’ve been loving it until this months habit showed up! I don’t have mountains of paper but lots of hot spots with things that I can’t make a decision on what to do with. Or I need to do something but end up procrastinating on it. I think I need a new mindset and a new “system”.  I’ve read your essays on it but it’s still a major speed bump.

I like that we are focusing on the basics. I just did another fling like I did in August when I started. It feels so freeing!

I am telling everyone who knows the old “martyr”-me about my new friend (you!) and community of other SHE’s. You are are darling woman, wonderful encourager and gentle admonisher. Keep going as the Lord leads you, you are such a blessing to me and my family.

My two kiddos are taking turns each week swishing and swiping THEIR bathroom. Not every day, but they are making progress!  The old me would have gotten irritated that they weren’t doing it every day. I don’t want to encourage any more perfectionism in myself or them. Son said…”mom, the sink is still shiny from yesterday!” Hmm. It made me smile. It’s been years since a sink stayed clean for more than a few hours in this house.
Thank you for following your calling!

Peaceful in increasing measure,
Flying in Capistrano Beach, CA

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