New Use for Our Rags

Dear FlyLady,

I know there a many uses for your rags – purple, silver or bronze – but I’ve never seen anyone say that they’ve replaced their dishcloths with them.  At first I only used them for cleaning the kitchen and shining my sink.  I loved that the “grey” that came off my old stainless (NOT!) sink didn’t ruin the rags and I didn’t have to worry about the stains on my towels.  My niece was selling the expensive cloths with silver thread that was supposed to keep them sanitary so I purchased a couple.  They still got that “musty” odor and didn’t do as good a job.  Purple won UNTIL the silver rags came out.  Silver rags are now my dedicated kitchen rags.

I must say that I have many sets of rags and do a dedicated wash load of just my FlyLady cleaning rags and mops.  I let our wonderful New Mexico sun dry them and know that they are also disinfected!  (I don’t use them on our toilets, though, I just can’t get my mind wrapped around that. LOL)

Oh, I tested out three rags in my clothes dryer to see what would happen (I didn’t care if the got small because I use them to clean my glasses, too, and a small one would fit in my purse better).  They only had a small amount of shrinkage width-wise and didn’t affect anything at all.

Without my rags and my feather duster (I do like the original ones MUCH better and hope you stock them again) I wouldn’t be able to keep up with my glass top tables and everything else.  Your products are wonderful for an aging arthritic body.

Hugs from your old NM FlyBaby.


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