Amazingly Tough Purple Rags

Dear FlyLady,
I knew they were good but didn’t realize HOW good ….I was cleaning up supper dishes last night and my son had dumped quite a bit of food off his plate into the sink. I ran the garbage disposal. It kept going. I knew there was a lot of food there but I was surprised by how long there was still noise in the garbage disposal. And even if I had it and lemon peel down the garbage disposal it would’ve been done by now. (And, actually, I had not put a lemon peel down there!)

So I finally turned the garbage disposal off. I turned the water off. And when I knew it was safe I reached in ….and what did I find? A purple rag!! As I began to pull it out, I assumed it would be a ripped, ragged mess. But it was in nearly new shape, only slightly frayed around the edges!! Wow! So now you have a new use for the purple rag… To clean the inside of your garbage disposal. LOL

Andrea C Redmond, WA

FlyLady here: Our purple rags never cease to amaze me. They make great Christmas Gifts too. Get them while they are on a BOGO.

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