Do It Now Principle

Dear FlyLady,

I have two young children (ages 4 and 1).  I am home with them most of the time.  I like your do it now principle.  I have come to realize, after my second child was born, that there will never be a “good time” for doing chores or errands that aren’t very exciting to me.  So I should just do it now.

Today we washed my car.  It was not the best time because the sun was out shining bright and I knew we would have water spots.  But I knew if we didn’t do it today, yet another day (or days!) would go by with my car so dirty and dusty.

Errands are another one…I always think I should wait until I need several things before I go to the store, or wait to get gas until I’m going to the store, or wait to return something until I’m going in that direction.  But what I end up with is a big pile of stuff to return that usually waits until the “return by” date has passed!  Or an empty gas tank!  Or a fridge without milk.

So I like your do it now principle.  It gives me permission to put the girls in the car and run my errands, or make them wait a few minutes while I unload the dishwasher, to stay a little more on top of things and not let the next “fire” control my life.

Thank you,
FlyBaby in CA

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