Cooking without a GPS

Dear Friends,

November is our month to focusing on menu planning and cooking. You know it does no good to plan a week’s worth of menus if you don’t follow through with your plan. We have looked at our procrastination. Today I want to think about other reasons for not cooking.

When I first got organized; it was because I made a new year’s resolution to get organized. At the same time I realized how harsh I was to myself. The second resolution I made was to be kind to myself. I believe with all my heart that the 2nd resolution is what made the difference in my life.

We have been beaten up by bullies most of our lives. The negative voices you hear in your head came from someplace. Recognizing those voices and eliminating the negativity can change your life too.

We want to be a good mom and wife. We see all the amazing meals on Facebook and Pinterest. Then we decide we want to make that for our family. You put all the ingredients on your grocery list and you buy them. The recipe seems so easy on the video. So what happens when you get home from work.

Those negative voices start eat away at your confidence. You hear things like; You don’t know how to cook. Your meal will never be as good as what your mother cooks. You hear that negative voice say that you don’t have time. Let me tell you a little secret. Don’t make a new recipe on a day when you are rushed.

We should never cook something brand new under time pressure. This is why I tell you not to make a new recipe for Thanksgiving or Easter Dinner. Stay with your tried and true recipes that you don’t even need to look at to make.

Think of it this way. You don’t need a GPS to get home, to the grocery store, to church, or to your mother’s house. You know your way around your home town. You have confidence in yourself. This is how I want you to feel in your own kitchen.

Keeping your meal planning simple will give you confidence. Then when you have more time you can try a new recipe to add to your cookbook. I rarely use a recipe because I have been cooking since I was ten years old. Over the years I have learned the basics of cooking.

I knew a lot abetterhomesandgardensbout cooking when I first married. Someone gave me a Better Homes and Gardens Cookbook. It helped me to learn the things that made me a good confident cook. I’ll bet you already have one in your cookbook collection.

Please be kind to yourself and don’t pile on more than is humanly possible.

You can cook if you take babysteps to learn! Are you ready to Fly?


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