20 Years of Grime Gone

Dear FlyLady,

Yep, another I don’t write testimonials, writing a testimonial.

After reading so much about your products, I finally got around to ordering some. I had read all about how the rags in a bag make cleaning easy and decided to put them to my ultimate test.

In our kitchen we have a Corona parrot, like they have in a Mexican restaurant.  It has been hanging there since before I moved into my DH’s home over 20 years ago. Dang this was impossible to clean, so I ignored it.  In my kitchen (getting covered in grease). With multiple cats (getting covered in fur).  With my DH, who only gave up cigars two months ago (getting covered in smoke). For 20+ years.

DH was surprised when I asked him to take down the parrot (nearly as tall as me) and put it on the table.

LOL – 15 minutes, a bit of Windex and one truly magical purple rag later, it was like it was brand new – nothing sticky or stained. A bit of dish soap and hot water and the magical purple rag was ready to tackle its next job looking none the worse for the wear and ready to take on the world 15 minutes at a time.

Thank you.
FLYing in NJ

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Don’t Procrastinate!

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