October Habit #30 Getting Rid of Mount Shredmore

Dear FlyLady,

I never thought (but always hoped) the day would come when I would be able to write you a testimonial. I’m still fluttering, still figuring out my routines. I love my shiny bathroom sink and mirror, maintained daily with your lovely purple rags, and I’m finally swishing daily. I’m learning and appreciating the value of Babysteps and Do it Now, with two active young boys. Planning ahead is my main stumbling block and I recognize that when I fail to plan, my week starts to fall out from under me and this affects my mood and my family. But I’m starting to see and feel more peace in my life – a bit at a time – thanks to your kind, persistent messages.

What I’m really writing to share is how I finally got rid of my mount shredmore. Well, It’s nearly Halloween, and the kids (DS 6 and DS 2) and I are putting up our decorations. We bought a package of those adorable little orange plastic bags with pumpkin faces to hang in our trees. We decided to fill them with shredded paper. I shred, and the boys stuff the bags. The bin of paper went fast. Then, when we brought the bags outside to hang up, my older son put them on the drive in front of my DMom’s car. She didn’t see the bags, and ran over them. My son teared up as we heard most of the twenty bags pop. My mom felt so bad, she went right out (with DS) and bought some new pumpkin bags – plus some white ghostie bags! In the meantime, I managed to fix most of the original bags with clear tape. So now we have sixty bags to stuff.  Two days later, we have at least half of the bags filled and tied… And my nearly four-year-old mountain of shredding is quickly dwindling away. Oh wait, I think I have more stashed in a closet somewhere that I can shred tonight. <grin>

If there’s any shredding left after the bags are filled, I plan on sticking some shredded paper to the outside of some cardboard boxes and making some “hay bales” to go next to our scarecrow.

Thanks for all you do and all the gentle encouragement you give. God bless you and your team, and happy Halloween!

Georgina in Toronto, Ontario

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