The Open House

Dear FlyLady,

My mother in law is selling her house.  She was frantically getting ready for an open house last Sunday.  I came over with my two young kids to see what I could possibly help with.  My husband was already there working hard.  He asked me to vacuum the bathroom.  Well, 8 minutes later not only was the bathroom vacuumed, but it was swished and swiped (and I gave my daughter a rag to help with!).  Then we did the other bathroom.

Later that night my husband thanked me for my help.  “We really couldn’t have done it without you.”  I told him i hardly did anything.  He said “you did the bathrooms!  They wouldn’t have gotten done!”  And I said, “I felt so thankful that I’ve been swishing and swiping for months…i just grabbed a baby wipe and it was sparkling!”

Thank you for making cleaning easy.

FlyBaby Megan

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