What is Standing in Your Way?

Dear Friends,

As a young disorganized mom, I would get all my appliances running. The dishwasher would get filled with dirty dishes, the vacuum was dragged out of the closet, and I would gather up a load of dirty clothes and start the washing machine. Eventually all those helpful appliances would be finish running. Here is what would happen.

We would leave the vacuum in the middle of the floor. The clothes in the washer would not get transferred to the dryer. We would find them the next day and would have to rewash them. Then there are those clean dishes in the dishwasher.

Are they standing in your way of cooking? Are they making your life difficult? I know you are thankful for a dishwasher, but when you have procrastinated putting your clean dishes away, it only hurts you. That wonderful dishwasher is now causing you to pile dishes in your sink. Making your kitchen clean up take longer.

If you will commit to emptying your dishwasher as soon as it finishes then your kitchen will have a dirty dish disposal unit. Now if you don’t have a dishwasher then it is just as important for you to wash, dry, and put away your dishes after each meal. No ifs, ands, or buts; just do it. If one of your children is responsible for this simple job and they are not getting it done; then take that job back and get them to take out the trash.

Clean dishes stand in the way of cooking dinner just like dirty ones do. Do you hear yourself say, I don’t have time to put away the dishes. Then you go do something else. When you hear yourself say, I don’t have time, just set your timer for 2 minutes and see just how many dishes you can put away. I’ll bet you will get most of them put away.
Our procrastination is just the result of the perfectionism that has paralyzed us all of our lives. Look at what happens when you pile on just one more thing that needs to be done before cooking dinner. You give up before you ever get started.

1.    Instead of cooking a wholesome meal; you choose a drive through option.
2.    You pick up the phone and call your local pizza delivery service.
3.    You give up and eat cereal again.
4.    You load everyone in the car and go out to dinner for the second time this week.

I want you to feel good about feeding your family not guilty! It all starts with a menu plan and putting your clean dishes away. Meal planning and cooking is the only way you are going to save real money.

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