30 Years of Baked on Grease

Dear FlyLady

I’ve been fluttering and crashing for 3 years or so. This is my third testimonial and my second to you. I really appreciate the encouragement to step back and look at my rooms from a purely aesthetic point of view. I probably will never splash out on a major home reno. But you keep me tweaking, so there is always something a little improved that makes me happy. I hope you will share the laugh I got last week.

When we bought our house in 1998, one of the things I liked was the elderly range hood. It worked just fine, but what appealed was the colour — a pale smoky greenish yellow. I thought it had a thirties vibe, and I matched the colour when I repainted the cabinets a few years ago, found a retro fruit and floral print for curtains, placemats and so on. The hood had a weird feature, though. The surface texture was rough, like a micro-hammered finish that I’ve never seen anywhere else. Part of the charm.

Last week, when we were in Zone 2, I was scrubbing down the open shelves beside the stove, when I saw that the texturing wasn’t uniform across the hood, something I could only see from above while standing on the counter. Part of the texture looked, well, soft. I was already using a combination of purple rags and scrubby pads on the shelves, so I took a few swipes at the hood. And the texture started to come off.

You’ve guessed it. It wasn’t texture, it was 30 years of baked on grease. So now, my beautiful, pale, smoky, greenish yellow kitchen has an ALMOND range hood. Some people would rush out to paint it, but I’m keeping it. It makes me laugh every time I see it. And only you and I know that the original inspiration for my kitchen d├ęcor was a carefully matched shade of grease!

Kerry in Calgary

purpleragendsnov4FlyLady here: This is just too funny! Who knew that our purple rags could reveal the true colors.

Is there something in your home that needs a reveal!

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