Help the Time Changes this Weekend

Dear FlyLady,

This weekend, we change our clocks to standard time. It plays havoc with our family. Even with an extra hour of sleep, our routines seem to be thrown out of whack. Do you have any suggestions to help us?

FlyBaby M.

Dear FlyBaby M.

I understand exactly what you are talking about. Our dogs get all mixed up on the snack time, dinner time, and go out time. Did you know that you can start changing what time you have dinner by just 15 minutes each day. By the time Sunday gets here you will have people in your family ready to eat dinner after it gets dark.

I know this is confusing for everyone. When the time changes, it will be daylight when you get up in the morning and get dark before you put dinner on the table.

There are other things you may way to get on your calendar too. Smoke alarm batteries need to be changed out for new ones. Check your smoke alarm and make sure you have them in your battery drawer. If not get them on your grocery list.

Another thing to put on our grocery list is new toothbrushes for everyone in the family. Cold and flu season is just around the corner. Give everyone a new toothbrush. This can help cut down on germs.

Here is a list of things to get on your calendar.

  1. Change Time on all your clocks (Fall Back one hour)
  2. Replace Batteries in smoke alarms
  3. Replace toothbrushes
  4. Reverse Ceiling Fans to blow up to force warm air down the walls.
  5. Change your furnace filters
  6. Put windshield washer fluid that won’t freeze in your car.
  7. Get antifreeze checked in your radiator.
  8. Put away water hoses and winterize the outside faucets if they are not freeze resistant.

Enjoy your extra hour of sleep! It would not hurt if you started going to bed a little earlier each night too!

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