I Renamed My Routines


I’m a very new FlyBaby, but I had to write. I discovered your website when I bought a new planner a couple of weeks ago and began to watch YouTube videos on planner organization. A couple of the posters mentioned you, and I was instantly hooked!

I’m still working on building my routines, and taking Babysteps, but I’m starting to see progress. It’s like losing the first few pounds at the start of a diet: seeing a difference in my house is so encouraging!

What I wanted to share (other than my gratitude) was how I write my reminder note in my new planner to do my morning and before bed routines. I don’t call them that. I call them “First Flutter” and “Nightly Nesting”! It just makes me smile.

Thank you for making this seem manageable and reminding me that I CAN.

Thank You, A grateful Flybaby in Tennessee

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