Learning New Tricks

Fly OnDear FlyLady,

This is a good motto:    OHIO

OHIO = Only Handle It Once

Or else you may become like me.  I am advanced in seniority  (meaning: an old gal). For all of my life it seems the motto “A place for everything and everything in its place” has resonated in my mind.  Well, somewhere in early years it seems to have become cemented in as:

“A place for everything and nothing in its place!”  Believe me, this isn’t an easy way to live.  HOWEVER I’m trying!  Since my daughter thankfully turned me on to FLYLADY, well, the frequent emails nip me, shake me, stir me, inspire me…and hopefully, with lots of prayer, determination and inspiration this “old dog Will learn new tricks!”

From a genuine procrastinator to a changed one, I gratefully say, “Thank You!”

And am considering not looking for a local “Procrastinators Anonymous” group!



FlyLady here: I love this motto. Michele posted this on our bulletin board. My grandmother lived by “A Place for Everything and Everything in its place.” It really does make our lives easier. The only issue for most of us is our clutter is taking up all the good places to put things. It is time to evict our clutter and find the right places for our things.

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