The Next Opportunity

All these years of flying….

From first purchase of shiny sink….

To short and long feather dusters….

All the soaring…. so thankful to never ever have been embarrassed in our new to us home, nearly 6 years now… not even with renovation with drywall work, etc…
Never did I think I would benefit from purple rags.

Your Bogo opportunity was too tempting to resist.

They arrived Saturday. I washed them Sunday to ready them for today!

I could hardly go to clean the bathroom without my trusty paper towels and former cloths. But I went with 2 purple cloths. One for glass cleaner, the other for walls, sinks, showers, and thrones.

I am SOLD!!!

First, I cleaned out of zone to try cleaning the patio doors that had beautiful evidence of our 5 grandchildren being here yesterday. Wow!!!!👍🏻
Then… off to the zone…

I flew!  I cleaned both bathrooms. I know…. that was not I was supposed to do. Yes, right zone, but much more than expected for the routine.
Honestly, it was like having just opened a favorite snack, and having just one. Like really, who could stop????

Not only did they perform beautifully, they they saved so much time!!!!

They are nearly finished being washed, and they will be hung on drying rack to dry for the next opportunity!  Woohoo!!

Your sale, in addition to seeing you clean the patio doors from Harley’s lovin’s… I had to try. I was thinking you missed a step, because you didn’t dry the windows after washing…

Now I know why!!! You didn’t need too!!!!

Ohhhh, I must add one mire thought, as soon as you finished, Harley started lovin’ the crystal clear glass again. I think it was soooooo clear he thought he could just kiss you!!!👍🏻

For readers who may not have seen the video, Harley is a beautiful fur baby!
Thank you!!!

I hope I can order more… not that I will need them, but I might???? But I think they will make amazing gifts!!!!

Lisa from Indiana

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