Go Me!

Dear FlyLady and Crew,

Big hugs for everyone today! I’m so excited! I am a “new” FlyBaby. I started the Flylady system some 5 years ago, however took a huge break (2 years), only to find out during my last week’s restart that I was never really FLYing. I had always tried to do FlyLady my own way, i.e. totally change it. Sooo, after I signed up again last week, I decided to give it the old college try and do things exactly as FlyLady recommends! Well….what do ya know, it works! LOL!!!

I have never had so much fun cleaning! Last week, my kids and I (DD 3 and DS 1) did Weekly Home Blessing Hour for the first time ever, and boy did we have fun! All week, my daughter has been saying how clean our house smells. At Target yesterday while we were in the cleaning aisle, she was singing her own little song about how we like our house clean 🙂

Last night, I shined my sink again and sprayed everything down with pink grapefruit scented spray. I truly did have a great big smile on my face when I was done. I have so much freedom this go around. Before I always tried to overdo it.

Today we did Swish and Swipe for the first time (never did it before, I always tried to do what I will call a weekly home deep clean). It was glorious! My daughter loved swishing her own toilet. I am so excited at the difference in our attitudes and shiny home. I have already learned so much more about myself than ever before. Thank You!

An added bonus (for Leanne), I have used the Saving Dinner cookbook for several years now. Last night I made Reyna’s Crockpot Enchilada Casserole, and my daughter didn’t want to try it. But after some coaxing, she said, “this is really yummy. Thank you Mama!” Then she proceeded to dig in to the raw shredded purple CABBAGE she helped shred. Thanks for always reminding us to have our children help in the kitchen. She never would have tried it had she not helped.

Love you all,
Flybaby Dacia in OK

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