How Do I Catch Up on our Holiday Missions?

Dear FlyLady,

I’m too far behind! How do I catch up? Where should I start?

FlyBaby Lynne

Dear Lynne,

You are not behind! Read the bottom of every one of our messages!

You are not behind! I don’t want you to try to catch up;

I just want you to jump in where we are. O.K.?

It is our perfectionism that makes us believe we are behind. You are not. Think about last year. You probably didn’t even start thinking about Christmas until the middle of December. It is the beginning of November! I think you are in great shape.

Today we are on Mission #16. It is Monday! We clean and fling. The past two Mondays, we have done just that! Clean and Fling! If you want to read over the past missions then by all means just read over them quickly or watch my videos that are on those pages. Be sure and download our FREE Holiday Control Journal. 

  • Tuesday is Plan and Play Day
  • Wednesday is always Anti-Procrastination Day
  • Thursday is Errand Day
  • Friday is Budget Don’t Be-Grudge It

If you don’t have a printer then grab an old notebook and start building your own by looking at mine. You can do this. Don’t look at what you haven’t done yet. Just jump in and do what you can.

Sunday I started putting together my Christmas Card list. It was a leisurely way to play on a Sunday afternoon. Last year I addressed 5 Christmas card a day. I kept my cards right beside me so I could do them in babysteps. Saturday night, I order my stamps and cards. Evidently I am still a perfectionist when it comes to finding the perfect card to send. I finally found what I liked on eBay.

I even looked at learning calligraphy. That is when I realized I was piling on. So I found a great font and began typing my labels on a template for the Avery labels I ordered last night. Last year, I didn’t use labels but I didn’t start until the middle of December. I also made return address labels for the cards in the same font. My templates will be done by the time the labels arrive.

Please be kind to yourself! Don’t pile on! Don’t try new recipes for your holiday dinners. Keep it simple sweetie! You can do it! Pace yourself! That is what our Holiday Missions are all about.

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