I Need a Tub Swish and Swipe

Dear FlyLady, 

I really liked your email about cleaning the shower door. My question is : what about bathtubs ? I don’t have a shower at home but a bathtub that I can use as a shower, so no door but a simple curtain that I wash every week. I have been doing swish&swipe for several weeks now and I am very satisfied with the result (I also dry my kitchen sink regularly and I love it !), the bathroom gets dirty less easily.

However, I have been wondering how I could apply this principle to the bathtub which still get dirty quickly. I don’t see myself drying the whole thing with a towel (which would need to be big !) after each shower, or is it the solution ? Do you have any tips to keep a bathtub shiny ?

Thank you for everything

Baguette, flying in France

Dear Baguette,

I don’t know why you are washing your shower curtain each week. It could be that it is not drying well because it is pushed back. Mold grows on still damp places. I was taught many years ago how to keep mold from growing in a dank room. Get a small fan and let it move the air around. This will keep the mold from growing.

I have a cloth curtain and it dries nicely when I pull it shut for a couple of hours. I have to remember to push it back to allow the shower to dry. In the winter time we need a little more moisture in the air. FlyLady Kathy uses our FlyLady Mop with the handle shortened to clean her shower once a week. She scrubs it and then dries it with another microfiber cloth.

I like to scrub the tub and shower while I am in there every day. I just use a little of the same soap I use on my body to clean it. After all it is that soap and shampoo that makes the film on the walls. I also keep a rubba scrubba in my tub to clean the jets. They get a little dirty. I do one every day. It takes no time at all.

The secret to keeping a tub or shower clean is to do just a little every time you are in it.

We have five tools that help us keep our bathrooms clean.

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