I Need to Drink More Water

Hey FlyLady!

This may seem like a silly question but I cannot seem to drink enough water – I only drink about 8 oz a day at most. I’m not drinking a bunch of other stuff but I just don’t like water I don’t know what to do because I know it is a problem. Please Help!

Flykid Jess

waterbottlefinalcloseoutDear Jess,

It is a busy time of year, we have a lot to get done, and we need to stay hydrated. Not drinking enough water can cause you to have no energy. As we say in the south, “Your get up and go has got up and went!”LOL

This morning I started my cooking for Thanksgiving dinner. The first thing I did was fill up my water bottle. The more I drink, the more I have to go to the bathroom. That is where I drink more water. I am energized and getting in my steps.

If you don’t like water then we have to figure out a way to make water taste better to you. I am going to list some ways to make water more appetizing to you. The benefits of drinking water go from having more energy to beautiful skin.

1. Drink it cold. Our water bottle keeps your water cold for a long time.

2. Drink water with a straw. This way you can get it past your taste buds.

3. My Sweet Darling does not like water either but he loves water with a splash of Key Lime Juice over crushed ice. NO SUGAR just the tart taste of Key Lime.

4. At spas they slice up cucumbers or citrus fruit into a pitcher. This give the water a fresh flavor.

5. One of our members came up with the idea of putting frozen berries in her water. They make it cold and she gets a serving of fruit for dessert.

6. I know what it’s like to not like water so I have learned to play games with me. I start out by drinking 8 oz before I leave the bathroom in the morning. This is just a small teacup. This one cup of water gets me started on a day of staying hydrated. When you drink you have to go to the bathroom. So every time I go into the bathroom I chug-a-lug another cup of water. Every hour I have to pee and I get 8 more ounces in my body. I keep 8 Holy charms on one side of my sink and I move one to the other side each time I drink a cup. As I move the charm to the other side of my sink and say a prayer for someone. My supplements are in a little dish and I take them while I am there.  I hardly know I am drinking my water. Swish and Swipe while you are there.

As part of my Before Bed Routine I fill my water bottle up with ice and water and put it in the bathroom. This way I have no excuse to start my day with a big drink of water.

If you make it fun, it will get done!



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