18 Tips to Stop the Kitchen Explosion

Dear Friends,

Most of the time we are in a mad dash to get dinner from the car to the table; we just bypass the sink all together. We don’t even have dirty dishes because the paper plates we are using just go into the trash can along with our pride.

The guilt we feel when we feed our families the stash and dash meal planning results, not only wreaks havoc with the health of our children but that guilt causes us to feel like we are not good mothers. We want to be the perfect mother but then that perfectionism gets in the way because we don’t think we have time.

We have time, we just don’t know it yet! It all starts with that sink! This sink greets us first thing in the morning with that guilt of dirty dishes and mystery water. We can change that by going to bed with your sink shining. When you walk into your kitchen the next morning you are going to smile. That smile is just the beginning.

So how do you stop the bomb from going off in your kitchen when you do decide to cook? That bomb and the time it takes to clear the collateral damage is one of the reasons that you don’t think you have time to cook! Having a plan is half the battle. Implementing that plan as part of your basic weekly plan, before bed routine, morning routine and afternoon routine. Here is how you stop the damage before it starts.

1.  5 minute on a Wednesday write down your menus for next week.
2. 10 minutes make out a grocery list from your menus
3. 5 minutes clean out the refrigerator making grocery put away easy
4. 30 minutes to grocery shop when you have a list
5. 5 minute to put groceries away
6. 1 minute each evening move frozen food from freezer to refrigerator

7. Start the day with an empty dishwasher and an empty trash can.
8. 5 minutes to check your menu plan or start a slow cooker
9. Pick a time to start cooking; Don’t wait till meal time to start.
10. Pizza is not on the menu!

11. Walk into the kitchen, fill your sink full of hot soapy water
12. 15 minutes in the afternoon to start cooking
13.Clean up after yourself as you go

14.  Don’t multitask. This is when we burn food. FlyBabies don’t cook on high!
15.  Do not get in a hurry!
16.  Stay in the kitchen. Children’s homework is done at the table.
17.  Delegate the table being set, salad being made, and ice in glasses
and one more!

You can do this! As you dirty up a dish, spoon or pan; place it in the hot soapy water. As food starts cooking, clean as you go. When you reach into the hot water the utensils will practically be clean. Clean up is a breeze because food residue has not dried and caked on. Before you sit down to eat make sure all prep tools are washed up and drying, ingredients are put back in refrigerator and trash is in the garbage can.

After dinner all you will have to do is put away washed dishes, clear the table and put dishes in dishwater or dishwasher and do them. Make it a habit to go to bed each evening with your sink shining.

Nothing says “I love you” like that sink full of hot soapy water, your clean kitchen and that shiny sink!

Are you ready to FLY with a sink full of hot soapy water?


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