Tracking 5 Generations with One Calendar

Calendar250Dear FlyLady,

The calendar is great! I have used it for a number of years.  We are a household of five generations and I color-code our names, from the youngest member (3 yr GGGD) to the oldest member (89 yr GGGM).

Everyone checks the calendar for their name and event daily.  If something comes up, the school age children write it on the day and highlights their name with their color.  This saves a lot of forgotten important events and appointments.  I write all the school on/off days for the school year, and any special programs or field trips as soon as a notice is received.

Thanks you for all you do to help us, I have started and stopped your routines a few times, but never stopped using the calendar or shining the sink.

South Carolina

FlyLady here; Color cJoy15oding is the way to go to keep your family organized. Checking your calendar is an important part of your Before Bed Routine. Quit trying to remember your family’s busy schedule! Put it on your calendar! All you have to do is establish the habit of checking your calendar Morning and Evening!

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