How Do I Keep Up with Home Maintenance

Dear FlyLady,

Do you have any suggestions on how to keep up with our home maintenance? It is so hard to remember when things need to be done.

FlyBaby K.

Dear FlyBaby K,

You are in luck because we have a FREE Home Maintenance Control Journal that you can download. I remember a great testimonial which utilizes the our calendar. Let me find it.


Dear FlyLady,

The testimonial about “no more forgotten registration and inspections” made me want to share one more use for the wonderful FlyLady calendar.

I must admit my DMIL (dear mother-in-law) came up with this idea, so I can’t take too much credit, but I can pass it on to help someone else.

She uses her own calendar to record birthdays and anniversaries and the like, as so many people do. But I noticed one day when I was checking on the anniversary of my DSIL and DBIL and she had some extra notes on her calendar with a date, like 2 yrs…etc.

She marks on her calendar all of the dates of major appliance purchases, repairs, plumbing maintenance, furnace filter changes…you get the idea. I thought this was brilliant.

She (and now I) can easily find out how old the dishwasher is, or when we last had the gutters cleaned and the lint trap in the dryer vacuumed. She told me it’s come in so handy, she just has to flip through 12 pages to find out any number of things about her appliances and it is a great reminder to keep up with those home maintenance chores that can be hard to keep track of. And each year she just sits down for ten minutes and updates the information on the next year’s calendar.

So thank you so much for the great calendar! The squares are large enough to hold all of my daily information and now the little tidbits that would otherwise be forgotten so I can have a healthy home.

Carla, Fluttering in Denver

2018_calendar_openGet your calendar ordered before we close for Christmas. The last day to order before we close is December 19th. We will not be back in the office until January 2nd.

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