How Do I Best Use My Office in a Bag

Dear FlyLady,redofficeinabag1

How do I best use my office in a bag? I just got one and it is much nicer than I expected it to be! I need tips to best utilize it!

Thank You!

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Dear Paddy,

I am so happy you like our Office in a Bag! It is an essential tool for people who have busy lives and are tired of a messy desk. This is a tool I used when I was a young mother working over 44 hours a week. I had to utilize every moment I had to take care of my family on my

hour off for lunch.

Our Office in a Bag is a three ring binder cover. The binder is not included with the Office in a Bag because we have them. It fits a one inch binder.

I have used several Office in a Bags for lots of different projects.

  1. To hold my checkbook to pay bills
  2. To keep up with my disabled mother’s medical information
  3. As a portable desk with the tools that are in a desk drawer
  4. Emergency preparedness
  5. Holiday Planning
  6. Menu Planning and favorite family recipes
  7. Events and book signings essential items
  8. Brief Case for Committees that I belong to
  9. Greeting Card Organizer, Christmas Card, Mailing list of addresses

Since I love to color code things. We have Offices in a Bag available in 4 colors: Purple, Red, Black, and Blue (out of stock right now).

  1. Purple for the FlyLady Control Journal and Checkbook and office tools.
  2. Red for Holiday, Emergency, and Medical info
  3. Blue for boys and committees
  4. Black for the Guys

What goes in the Office in a Bag!

  1. Writing pens
  2. Stamps
  3. Greeting Cards
  4. Thank You Notes
  5. Small stapler
  6. Small Scissors
  7. Colored pen, highlighters, colored markers
  8. Calculator
  9. Lined paper, stationery, blank note cards
  10. Sheet protectors
  11. Graft paper for dreaming big and planning furniture arrangement
  12. Address book
  13. Small Scotch tape
  14. 3 ring binder
  15. One or two file folders
  16. Paper clips
  17. Small ruler

The beauty of our Office in a Bag is that it does not take up a lot of room. It can be added to a tote bag or grab it by its short carry strap and put on your arm. Use it when you are waiting at a doctor’s office, for the children to get out of their practice, or getting your car repaired. You can also use your lunch hour to get a lot done.

If you use the Office in a Bag to hold your FlyLady Control Journal; it will lie flat on your kitchen counter. It also has an attached bookmark; if you want to mark a spot!

The red Office in a Bag is festive for your Holiday Control Journal. It is a great color for your Emergency Control Journal to hold your important copies of papers that you might need if you have to evacuate. All you have to do is spot the Red Bag, where you keep it and grab it as you run out the door.

Another great way to use the Red Office in a Bag; is for your medical history or the medical history for your parents or children. It can also be a good place to keep up with medical insurance and hospital bills. It keeps everything in one place.

Office in a BagCollege students love the Office in a Bag because it keeps everything in one place that they might need. Our guys love the Office in a Bag because it is not cutesy; just the facts.

This tool is a great way to meal plan, pay bills, keep up medical records, and your holiday plans. Get the one that has a Control Journal with it. All you have to do is add a 3 ring binder and office supplies.



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