A Couple of Lessons Learned

Dear FlyLady,

The janitorial personnel where I work tend to do the obvious quick cleaning chores but fail to do detail cleaning. So many of us have taken it upon ourselves to detail our work areas, when we have time.

1st lesson: That does not work. You have to have a routine.  One of my workstations is part of the main building reception area and I recently spotted cobwebs that needed immediate attention. A routine would not have allowed them to form. Since I have two work areas that include desks in two different locations, the main entrance of the building, a stock room for supplies (visible to the public) and the mailroom, I will be creating a workplace control journal with daily routines and zones to stay ahead of the cobwebs and dust bunnies.

2nd lesson: Digging through a collection of cleaning supplies I had acquired for something that would extend my reach, I found a kit for a Sw____r dusting wand with the disposable, slip on sleeves that are supposed to “pick up twice as much dust as a feather duster”. What a lesson in frustration! The sleeve does not slide on easily and does not stay on. For the work I had to do, I had to handle the dirty thing more than once to re-position it so the plastic wand did not scratch the beautiful woodwork. Then take a break to wash my hands when I was done.

Needless to say, I am saving my pennies out of the next few paychecks to put together my own office cleaning kit with reliable quality FlyLady tools, to include a mini chenille duster, a dusting mitt, rags in a bag, a rubba scrubba, and if I can find a place to keep it so it does not disappear, my absolute favorite – the FlyLady feather duster. Then off to the store to look for a “cleaning smock” to protect my office attire.

Thanks, FlyLady, for a system we can adapt to any part of our lives, and for quality products that absolutely spoil us by getting the job done the right way the first time, hassle free.

Smile, laugh, and have a great day!

Still Fluttering in Wisconsin

FlyLady here: This is such a cute idea for your work space. We even used to have a denim vest to use as a smock to cover up your clothes, but that has been sold out for 10 years. XL deluxe collage title 400

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