Just 2 Minutes; the Dirt was Removed

This is a little different Ask FlyLady. I know after today people are going to question the power in 2 minutes.  I wanted to show you this power. We can do a lot in 2 Minutes. You should try it!


Dear FlyLady,

After seeing Marla clean her puppy’s foot, nose, & tongue prints from her glass door with only a damp purple rag, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on one.

Today I received my Purple Rags in a Bag and washed them immediately (as per the instructions).  As soon as they were done, I took one straight to my back door, and, wonders of wonders, that rag cleaned off all of my puppy’s dirt!  It was so easy, and I didn’t have to use any paper towels or a single spray of cleanser.

My dear son was watching me, and he was really impressed with how easy the dirt (the very thick, baked on dirt) came off.  When I showed my DH, he said, “It’s like the door isn’t even there.  That’s incredible!”  When I told him it took me only 2 minutes, he didn’t believe me.

I’m so happy – I feel like I’m really FLYing right now!  You are all totally awesome, and your Purple Rags in a Bag are top notch.  God bless you!

In your debt,
FlyBaby Karen

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