No CHAOS Thanks to Routines

Dear Flylady,

Here I am in December, flying along when all of a sudden I put the laundry into the dryer and NOTHING!!!!  Dead. As. A. Doornail!

I purchased that pair in February, 2014 and was totally unprepared for this breakdown…in December, 2017…when we were ready to hit the road up to our camper.  Gah!

Well, thanks to you and my Flylady routines, my washer and dryer looked shiny and new.  My laundry room was presentable.  My house just needed a quick vacuum (3 pugs and a pony—that’s what we affectionately call our 140 lb Newfoundland mix—make hair 24/7/365) and I was not embarrassed to have the repairman come and take a look at the offender!  This is so TOTALLY unlike the past when I would have been madly dashing around and upset because the appliances and house would have looked like they had been in the middle of a war zone and just, well gross!

So, the repairman came and said the computer control panel was fritzed.  This would cost more to repair than buying a new dryer on the cyber week sale, so we purchased a new dryer to have delivered.

Delivery men came and pulled out the dryer and guess what?  Just a few little hair balls under there!  Again, thanks to the amazing routines that keep the house in decent shape!  Just a quick sweep while they took out the old machine and brought in the new machine!  No mess.  No critters.  No ick!

So, they plugged in the new machine and…..NOTHING!!!!  Gah!

They had to go through the master bedroom to the master closet to access the electric panel to ensure that the breakers were on (they were) and again, no problem!  While not perfect, the bed was made, the closet was accessible and uncluttered and I was not embarrassed to have them access these spaces at the last minute!  Such a totally NEW experience for me!  Yay!

As it turned out, it looked as if it was a circuit breaker failure in the electrical box, so a call to an electrician was in order.

In came the electrician, through the living room, kitchen, dining, master bedroom, master closet to look at the box.  Did not look like it was a problem.

Back through all of that and into the laundry room and voila!  The plug receptacle had arced because when installed 2 of the wires had not been properly tightened down and caused the failure (and the electrician said it was a miracle it didn’t burn down the house!  Yikes!)

So, he fixed the parts, brought in the old dryer and it worked perfectly!

The store came back and picked up the new dryer for refund and all I can say is, with all of these guys coming and going, I was calm knowing that though it isn’t perfect, there were no dirty dishes, no clutter in the closet keeping the workmen from accessing it, bed was made and tidy, things were tidy, clean and not cluttered in the entry, living room, kitchen, dining room, laundry room, bedroom, closets and even bathrooms, had the workmen needed to use those, and I was not in my bathrobe but dressed, makeup, hair and shoes and ready thanks to the FLYLADY routines and zones!!!!

It’s a Christmas miracle!

Thank you SO MUCH!!!

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