More Than I Thought

Good morning,

I’ve been trying to follow your routines on and off for several months. I don’t manage them all and sometimes I don’t manage any but it wasn’t until this weekend I actually realised how much I was managing.

This weekend is a busy one for us, my in laws are visiting, arrived yesterday, going home tomorrow and my younger daughter is singing in a Christmas concert tonight so has extra rehearsals today in addition to her usual singing lesson yesterday.

Normally I panic clean before visitors but I realised the high traffic areas were actually ok, a quick wipe over the surfaces, hoover through and clean up a couple of hot spots, I was done in less than half an hour! Don’t get me wrong my house is still nowhere close to perfect but as long as nobody goes looking it doesn’t matter as my lounge, kitchen, hallway, utility & bathroom are company ready – something I couldn’t say a few months ago.

Today my husband has gone out for breakfast with his parents, my daughter is relaxing in the bath making herself pretty for her concert & I’m not cleaning! I’ve made a cup of tea, I’m watching a cookery programme (my favourite thing to watch) and am sticking tinsel on a headband for later.

This is all thanks to you, my house isn’t perfect but that’s ok and we’re all relaxing instead of me stressing at everyone!

Thank you and Merry Christmas
Fly baby in the UK

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