The Delight of Decorating

Dear flylady,

My heart is full and I have to thank you. In previous years holiday season would come around and I would drag out the boxes of decorations and we would half heartedly pop things here and there, shoving a pile of papers to one side to make space for a candle, trying to squeeze the tree in a space between school bags, shoes, coats, bows and arrows, basketballs, three month old helium balloons ( i kid you not!). We would live in this even more cluttered than usual space for a couple of weeks, sometimes having to rebalance the tree as someone knocked it in their hurry to grab their school bag, Christmas day would come then go and I would get up the next morning impatient to bag it all up, chuck the tree out and get back to ‘normal’. My DH always struggled with this as he is very much a twelve days of Christmas guy who would like it all left out till January 6th. I would always talk him down with, ‘well you’re not the one who…nag,nag…” . You know the script!

Well I have been fluttering for a few months now; got the morning routine pretty much down, usually have a shiny sink, decluttering with 27 fling boogies and the like, not perfection I must admit but that’s not what we’re reaching for, right?

So this year I got out the stuff as usual, ‘ now where can I put this candle, wait, theres lots of places I could put this candle, lots of SPACES! Where might it look pretty? Before I knew it joy was bubbling up inside me. For the first time in my life I was creating a beautiful space to bless my family!

This is the payoff for months of babysteps and sticking with it.


RM flybaby in Eastern Pennsylvania

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