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Hi FlyLady,

I need to ask you about this because it has muddied the “FlyWashing” you have been giving to me. There is a Christian Lady that has a program that I love watching and she had a teaching on “Excellence”. She used three doors. One had the word “LAZY” on it, the second one had the word “MEDIOCRE” on it and the last one had the word “EXCELLENCE” on it.

As she went through the teaching, she used scriptures and I started to feel that what I was doing was “MEDIOCRE” and that I should try harder to be “EXCELLENT”. I haven’t been able to work it out in my mind if I am doing something less than I should be.

I have wanted to ask you about this ever since I saw that program and haven’t known quite how to say it. So today, I sat myself down and this is what I came up with to ask you.

Confused in Tennessee


I don’t know what show you are talking about but if her message has you feeling guilty then you need to stop thinking about this. Guilt and fear are of the devil. We are doing what we can with what we have and right where we are. Don’t allow anyone to beat you up especially yourself. You can do this with babysteps.

People have always confused us for lazy because of our perfectionism. We didn’t even want to start for fear we would mess up. It is not about excellence in anyone’s eyes. It is about doing what God put you here to do. If your home is a mess you have to practice loving yourself enough to realize that in order to find peace it starts with you.

The Bible teaches us to love our neighbor as ourselves. You can’t love your neighbor till you love yourself.


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