You Brought Peace

To my dear FlyLady,

You are so much a part of my everyday life, and I have written you countless testimonials in my head! This is the first time I put my thoughts down to actually send them to you – I suppose I have been wanting to write the perfect testimonial at the perfect time, because thanking you is SO VERY important to me. But I need to realise that it is better to send something that may be imperfect in some ways, than not thank you for the tremendous impact you have made in my life and in that of my family.

I feel that you should be nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize because you have brought such peace to me, and my family. I am still not doing everything as I should yet, but I am making progress and can see such amazing changes in my life. This morning, I was on time to take my three DD’s to their church Holiday Club (plus I managed to take the time to do crazy hairdo’s for all of them – the day’s theme). I also had my two DS’s with me, dressed to shoes too (I pictured them going in their pajamas if I took too long getting the girls’ hair ready). A lady there asked me how I found the time to do all their hair – afterwards I realised what I should have replied:

I have grown up in South Africa where having domestic help is common and affordable. All my life, I had a domestic helper cleaning up after me. When I got married and left home, I did not even know how to iron (I still don’t J). I struggled with domestic workers of my own but there was my perfectionism showing up and I never really was satisfied with their outcomes. I got to a point where a lovely domestic worker walked out on me. Later, she asked to come back but I knew that I had to go it alone. I had heard about Flylady before then, but it was at this time, that I found myself ‘re-finding’ and clutching on to Flylady, determined to be able to take care of my own home. This was in 2013. I remember my husband coming home one day, standing at the door and saying “Wooo…. Flylady!” He was so impressed!

Together with my faith in Jesus, Flylady has given me the wings to be able to move cross country, where I have no family to help me. Sometimes when I get to bed, I stand in our neat home and marvel at how it has all come together. I still stare at my shiny sink each night – WOW! Yes, there is much I still need to declutter and get right, but… babysteps!!! Learning to love myself has been revolutionary, and I hope to love myself more each day, for the more love I have within, the more love I can give out.

This is a little long… but it is heartfelt J

Some little tips that have helped me and may help other Flybabies…. As part of my before bed routine, around dusk, I close all the curtains, and then I close the bedroom curtains and open out the beds (like when a hotel turns the beds down). At the end of the day when the DC are in bed, and I go to my room, it is sometimes a surprise (I feel as though someone came and did it for me!) and definitely such a welcome sight and brings me peace; When I do the laundry, inevitably there are spare socks. I now keep a little plastic tub in my laundry room, and place the spare socks in there. Each time I find a new spare sock, I look in the tub to see if I can make a match! Fun and rewarding, rather than having spare socks in the cupboards; I normally struggled so much getting the linen back on the beds, until I figured something out… With the pillowcase inside out, I ‘put it on’ like a jersey, and then hold the top of the pillow, and then just slip the pillow case down over it. And with the duvet, I also ‘wear’ the duvet cover like a jersey, then through the duvet cover, I put my hands in the bottom corners, and then pick up the actual duvet on the corners, and then slip the duvet cover right down over the duvet, and then simply pull the rest of the duvet down. Quick and easy!

My children are also keeping up with the Flykids missions, and I pray they will not have to go through all the struggles I have been through, as they learn from a young age how to Fly.

God bless you Flylady! You win a Nobel Peace Prize in my mind.

A grateful Flybaby in South Africa J

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