January Habit #3 My Sink is Gleaming

Dear FlyLady,

I am a 5 day old FlyBaby.

I’ve kept my kitchen sink shiny and have swish and swiped daily.

Today is my first day back to work from winter break.

I am a teacher and have a sink in the storage closet in my room. I’ve ignored the sink except for rinsing out my mug. When I got to work and turned on the light in the closet the lack of shine on the sink overwhelmed me. It’s a double stainless steel sink. I had some scrubber in there. I ran the hot water and started scrubbing.

The sink is gleaming now.

It felt so great to start with a shiny sink in a closet that I rarely use. I was ready to start the day. It did make me realize that the sink I have at home is not a sturdy and probably will not shine like this one.

So keeping this one shiny will continue to keep me FLYing through out the day.

Thanks FlyBaby J

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