Why Not Update for the Techy Kids

I got this message today but I disagreed with this FlyBaby and here is why!

Dear FlyLady,

This is such a great idea but the plan is SO 1992.  Students today use TECH not paper.  They don’t carry binders or paper or pens (or even laptops often!). They carry tablets and smartphones and all their projects and notes and lessons are done via this tech.

This Student’s Control Journal plan needs updating to fit the students of this millennium!

Thanks FlyLady!

FlyBaby H.

Dear FlyBaby H.

I totally disagree. Our children don’t need more apps they need to go old school! They are still drawing pictures on paper and posting pictures and posters on their real walls. The Student Control Journal is my message to the kids to teach them how to develop their own routines without their mother nagging! It is FREE!

The older they get they can transfer their routines to their phone but for the little ones they need to keep it simple. You can turn their simple routines into a coloring sheet and make a checklist for them to mark off as their do their simple items. There is one rule! DO NOT CALL IT A CHORE CHART! NONE OF US LIKE THE WORD CHORE! CALL IT BLESSINGS! MAKE IT A GAME! GIVE POINTS AND STICKERS. MAKE IT FUN AND IT WILL GET DONE. BUT KEEP IT SIMPLE!

Our children need routines just like you do! Morning, Afternoon, and Before Bed! Here are some examples. Do not pile on! Keep it simple!

Morning Routine

  1. Make Bed
  2. Brush Teeth
  3. Get Dressed to Shoes

Afternoon Routine

  1. Do Homework
  2. Take out the Trash
  3. Pick up Toys and Put Away

Before Bed Routine

  1. Put Dirty Clothes in the Hamper
  2. Take Shower
  3. Put Back Pack on Launch Pad
  4. Get in Bed

Are your children continually asking you questions about their schedule or what’s for dinner? It is because the family’s schedule is hidden in your phone. Your babies are never going to learn how to use a calendar until you put it in front of their little eyes and they watch you use it. calendarFB2

Our calendar is large enough to hold your busy family’s schedule as well as “What’s for Dinner!” Please stop hiding your schedule from the family! They are going to love being able to see it in a place of importance.

Color code your family by their favorite colors. They will love it!

Our 2018 FlyLady Calendars are available to purchase today! The best way to reduce chaos in your life is to use a calendar!

As part of your Before Bed Routine:

In order to help teach your family how to use a calendar they need to see you use one!

Top 10 Calendar Tips:

#10. Put your calendar in a prominent place for all to see
#9. Use stickers to make it fun
#8. Post things on the calendar using the “DO IT NOW” Principle
#7. Color Code each family member; Pencil or colored address label
#6. Check your calendar as part of your Before Bed Routine
#5. Check your calendar again during your Morning Routine
#4. Check your calendar once more at lunch just in case
#3. Once a week synchronize it with all your family members
#2. Use address labels to cover up changes or mistakes

And the #1 Calendar Tip is:

Make a rule; If it’s not on the calendar it will not happen!

It is just that easy!

I want to know that you have checked your Calendar! Send me an email to
FlyLady@flylady.net with CALENDAR CONTROL CENTER in the subject line! I would also love to get pictures of your CALENDAR CONTROL CENTER!

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