January Habit #5 Shining my Sink

Dear FlyLady,

Quite some time ago, I wrote about a product that worked to shine my VERY old stainless sink. My asthma wouldn’t allow me to continue using it without distress, so just did the best I could. Then, in a recent email, there was a letter from someone who worked at a fast-food place that said they finished up the day by scrubbing all the stainless with a Fels Naptha bar wrapped in a Scotch Brite. This combination not only works, it leaves a surface that water beads up on and makes it easier to wipe up throughout the day.

What drove me to write today was the letter about shining the sink. I thought “Well, it’s the new year and I could start over with the whole procedure.” I went to your instructions, did one side of the sink and after cleaning that did the other side with my Fels Naptha/Scotch Brite. I couldn’t tell the difference!!! I guess what that means is that once the sink is clean and we keep up with our daily cleaning, it really STAYS clean. THANK YOU!!!

Oh, because my sink is so old (and cheaply made), I don’t use good towels to wipe it out after each use — they get a metallic grey on them. I do keep one of your wonderful purple rags on hand for that — the “coarse” side, is great for final wipe down — I keep one either by or under my sink.

Thank you, again, for everything!

The NM fledgling

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