It Works Better Than a Vacuum

Hello FlyLady and Crew,

I wanted to say Thank you so much for a wonderful machine!

My son bought me a FlyLady Carpet Sweeper for a late Christmas present! It arrived today!

I took it right out of the box and put it together, (With Justin’s help on the video.) Thanks Justin.

I tested it out on my living room carpet. My DS said “WOW!” It does better than the vacuum cleaner does! 🙂

Next, I had him pull all the chairs away from our dining room table and I used the carpet sweeper on the dining room and it worked great.

Then, I emptied it out into the garbage, after I got Justin’s help on the video on how to do that. Thanks again Justin.

So, Thank you! Thank you again for such a wonderful tool! It is even easier to use, than the Bissell one. I just love the little cleaning brush that come with it and it even has a place for that too. 🙂


Mary, in Texas!:-)

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