An Amazing Blessing

Hi FlyLady,

I recently had an epiphany about your system! Just to let you know that I’d been with you for about a decade.  I remember when I first started, I actually had a dream where I was flying and visiting people through their upstairs windows.  Upon waking up, I felt like it was a realization that I was free to visit and feel joy again without worrying about chores…etc.  It was a beautiful feeling.

Well, I had gotten really good at it when, and now I realize after doing this for years, I had ‘adopted’ the routine.  This just means I added stuff that on there that would’ve been taken care of anyway, thus making it where I hardly ever finished.

So recently, for whatever reason, I printed out your daily routine and just worried about it.  It’s so weird that I actually get more satisfaction out of family, life and home by following yours.  It really frees us up to do what we creative and fun-loving people would like to do in life.

I even exercised for the full 15 minutes.  It wasn’t about scratching off the list, either. Thanks for allowing us the luxury of a level head.Your an amazing blessing.

Thank You,
FlyBaby Leah in Texas

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