Easy Menu Planning

Calendar600Dear FlyLady,

I too am a calendar convert, and wanted to pass on a technique I use for menu planning.

I write each dinner entree name and where I keep the recipe on the top of a Post It note, cut off just the sticky part so that I have a small sticky strip with the dinner on it, and stick that on the day of the week that I’m going to cook that dinner.

At the end of the week, I peel off each dinner and bump it up a few weeks on my calendar to a new date, unless no one liked it (LOL).

Then when it is time to menu plan for a future week, several days are already planned! Also, I can switch around the dinners in one week if I need to (like if I forgot a main ingredient and have to bump one meal down a day or two).

Works great!

FlyBaby in Maryland


FlyLady here: What a terrific way to menu plan!! Our calendar gives you blocks that are big enough to menu plan!

2018 Calendars are going to run out this month! Get yours today!calendarpostitnote

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