Redeemed FlyBaby

Dear FlyLady,

I flew off the wagon a few years back and landed again about a month ago. I have been amazed at how quickly I was able to declutter most of my house in just a few minutes each day. While I still have work to do, including a couple of hot spots in the otherwise organized rooms, and one room where the door remains closed for how, I am happy to say my kitchen is in great shape, as well as the living room, bathroom, and master bedroom.

Today, my mother had scheduled major surgery. I spent eight hours at the hospital, will spend several hours tomorrow, spending the next night there, and more time over the weekend. What an enormous stress-reliever to be with her without worrying about anything at home. There was no guilt over leaving undone kitchen or laundry tasks, no dirty dishes, no unmade bed, no unswept/unmopped floors. And when I returned home this evening, I was greeted with NOTHING THAT NEEDED TO BE DONE, except sip the glass of wine my DH had set out for me while he and I relaxed and talked about our day.

Before landing back on the wagon, I would not have been able to devote quality time to my mother when she most needed me, nor would I have been able to feel relaxed while being away from so many other chores normally vying for my attention. And I certainly wouldn’t have walked into a peaceful, serene and calm environment when I opened the front door.

I know a lot of your subscribers have children at home, but there are many now dealing with elder care. In these and countless other life scenarios, the FlyLady system has brought joy to many a chaotic home.

Redeemed FlyBaby Gayle in Asheville


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