Can You Help Me Get Back to Basics?

BacktoBasicscodeDear FlyLady,

I can’t tell you what a difference flying has made in my life! I used to move stuff around until midnight one day a week to get ready for a cleaning lady. Now my house is almost always company ready (still have to finish the office!)

I’m having trouble moving ahead with decluttering and missions though. I know Flybabies sometimes don’t like change, but I’m having a problem with the flight plan. It’s just too much information at once, and some of the messages get lost. I really miss the emails with one idea in them.

I’ve been thinking about your interest in the book Made to Stick. I actually have read that book and love it too. I think we got an email that said don’t tell your kids to do five things just ask for one and it will stick.

I think that is the problem I’m having with the flight plan. I used to delete emails as I did them, and I felt like a had a personal trainer telling me to do the missions.

Now it feels more like my “to do” list, but its on the computer so I can’t check it off unless I print it out.

If you could go back to sending the missions separately it would really make a big difference to me and maybe others also.

Thank you for everything. I’ll never give up flying!!

Flybaby from NJ

FlyLady here: Our Control Journal gives us this same feeling of checking things off. If you want to print out the middle section of the Flight Plan and put it in a sheet protector or Frame it under glass. Use a dry erase marker to check thing off as you do them.

Sometimes we need to change things up a bit. We get bored.

Try what I am doing. Get a pad of heart shaped Post-It notes.

Take the main part of the flight plan Your morning routine and before bed routine and put one on each heart. I put mine on my bathroom mirror and on my computer. They work well for me. As I do them I put them on my calendar in a string of valentines to me.

Since my calendar is the first thing I see each morning and the last at night. I reload my mirror with the next routine. Any heart not done goes into the middle of the mirror to remind me that I cannot skip it twice in a row. It is working like a charm.

We love valentines and they look so pretty on my bathroom mirror! They make me smile! I wake up smiling when I see them and I go to bed smiling.

This idea came from a FlyBaby who was using Post-It Notes for her Weekly Home Blessing. She put them on her mirror at the beginning of the week and took them down as she did them. No pressure!

When I first started practicing my morning and before bed routines I used Post-It notes on my mirror. I love getting back to basics. This is what we are going to do this week!


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