How Do You Get Your Sink So Shiny?

Dear FlyLady,

HOW do you get your stainless steel sink so shiny?

FlyBaby Debby

Dear Debby,

The shiny sink picture in yesterday’s Morning Musing was not my sink. It was one of hundreds of thousands of shiny sink pictures we have received. So I thought I would show you my sink and our view from the heart of our home.


Our stainless steel sink was installed in 2000. We have kept it clean and shiny over these years. The first sink I shined in our home was installed in 1976. Robert and I married in 1996. It was in 1999 that I made our that 23 year old sink shine like a brand new penny.

It had a solid coat of calcium deposits as well dirt. It needed scrubbing. Most metal will shine if you scrub it. I used a cleanser and a scrubby pad like the one on the side of my sink. It was then rinsed well.  I filled it up with hot water and added some beach to disinfect my sink. It took me two hours the first time. I even had to use a knife to clean around the lip of the old sink to get the grime out.

Two Minutes of a little elbow grease(scrubbing) can make a huge difference. Have you been procrastinating about shining your sink. Set your timer and get after it!  If is still not shiny enough for you then you could shine it with a window cleaner, car wax or glass wax, or a little lemon oil.

Have you watched the Shiny Sink Video.

Shiny Sink Video

Are you ready to FLY? It all starts with a shiny sink.


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