January Habit #22 1 Task Leads To More

Dear FlyLJanuary Habit #4ady,

I have been fluttering with you on and off for a few years….doing a few things and then falling by the wayside again with that overwhelmed feeling.

For 2017 I decided to embrace Flylady again and just concentrate on shining my sink for now.  Well I did it!  For a whole week!

And then my hubby was in the hospital with heart and breathing issues for 5 days.  I was leaving home early morning and coming home late evening and just washing my face and falling into bed.  So my sink didn’t get shined….but because my kitchen was so neat and clean my kids kept it that way and I only had 2 fry pans to deal with.

It feels so good to accomplish that 1 task which spills over to wiped down counters and stove and putting stuff away.  I always hated a stack of pans in the sink, hated washing dishes, and was hoping someone else would do them.  Ha!  Now I love how a clean kitchen makes me feel.  And when things settle down a little more for hubby I’ll be ready to add another daily task and stick with it!  I’ll get there!



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