Back To Basics Day 3: Clutter

Dear Friends,

The other day I was stumped by an interview question. Now let me tell you: I can answer any thing they throw at me, but for the first time I was speechless. The question was; what was the weirdest item that I had ever flung. I had to admit that I could not remember because once it is out of my home I never think of it again.

Over the years we have declutter many things from our homes. We have noticed that your weird items tossed had a feeling of sadness and we wondered what that was going on. I have studied this question and came up with the answer from my mid-night editor.

The sadness comes from guilt!

—-Guilt from buying it in the first place
—-Guilt from not loving it enough because a loved one gave it to you
—-Guilt for being raised by parents who saved everything
—-The sadness is also mourning for lost loves or lost loved ones
—-You know those relationships that have ended in divorce
—-The ones that never really got to marriage but still hurt
—-The pain of remembering a loved one who died
—-The pain of losing a parent
—-The pain of losing of a child
—-The pain of not wanting to let go of the item

I know that FLINGing is tough. It dredges up sad times and the guilt that we put on ourselves for spending.

When you walk through your home I want everything you have to bring a smile to your face. In order for this to happen you are going to have to examine the first thoughts you have when you see an item. If you have a bad feeling the item needs to go away! I mean this! There is no room in your life for anything that makes you feel bad or self punishment.

Your home should reflect happy thoughts! You can do this by releasing those items that make you feel bad. You may have to sing one of my favorite FLINGing Songs: Please Release Me and Let It Go. Sing these song from the stuffs point of view, but this time sing it because you want to be released from the pain that this item makes you feel. Once the item is out of your home, it will not dredge up those bad memories ever again!

When I was asked the question about the weirdest item I realized that once it was out of my home it was out of my head. As a result of releasing it; I also released the guilt and sadness that the item represented.

Let those feelings go out the door with the clutter. Please Release me let me go. The clutter has had a hold of you for a very long time, but once you acknowledge what it is doing and you can mourn the loss and not only cleanse your home of clutter, but your soul of the guilt.

Oh I remembered weirdest item I have ever decluttered: It was airplane rivets that we got in a workbench at an auction. We kept them for a couple of years thinking that they had to be good for something or someone. NO! All they did was take up space in our garage and we eventually we tried to recycled them because they were aluminum, but our recycle center would not take them. We even contacted everyone we knew that might have a need for them. They were useless! We finally let go of the guilt of not being able to find someone to love them and released them.

I want you to find peace and this peace comes from letting go of clutter and the guilt that is associated with it. The best gift you can give yourself is the gift of forgiveness.

Are you ready to FLY?


Tip of the day: When you bring something new home, get rid of two like items. This will keep you clutter down.

Mission #5 Take a bag to your closet and gather up 5 items of clothing that you have not worn in a long time. Then place that bag in the car to donate next time you are out. Send an email to with GOOD RIDDANCE in the subject line.

Mission #6 Take a bag and run through the house and gather up 9 pieces of paper to throw away.Then throw that bag in the trash. Send an email to with PAPER CLUTTER HAS MET ITS MATCH.

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