Flash Sale on Mini Dusters

MiniDusterimageflashsale1Dear Friends,

Occasionally we have a Flash Sale on some of our great tools. Today our Mini Chenille Duster is at a great price of only $5.00. Don’t miss your chance to use this great tool in every room in your home and car. At this price you can get several.

1. Kitchen – Washing dishes
2. Living Room – Dusting your furniture
3. Floors – Getting up those little spills.
4. Children – Just the right size for your little helper’s hands
5. Bathroom – Cleaning shower walls and bathtub rings
6. Outside – Windows
7. Car – Dusting dash
8. Car – Washing the car
9. Personal – Back Scrubber

The uses for this little tool are endless. The cover can be remove and thrown in the washing machine with your other micro-fiber cloths and mop covers.

Don’t miss this Flash Sale! It will not last long!


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