January Habit #24 A Brand New Penny

Dear Flylady,sinkcropIMG_0073

Since the habit this month is shine your sink I had to share this story with you.

I had been flying with you for a few years when we bought our new house. We had been traveling and moving around a lot during the few years before we bought the house and we were so excited to finally put down some roots that we bought the first and only house we looked at, after only a quick glance. (Crazy, I know, but it was the right location and the right price.)

When it came time to move in, I barely remembered what it looked like, but I remembered it had a gross kitchen faucet. It was the first item on my to replace list. The house had been vacant for awhile and I decided to do a quick home blessing before we started moving in. Thanks to you I knew where to start, the kitchen sink. The faucet was crusted and tarnished like nothing I had ever seen, which was odd because the rest of the house was clean and well cared for.

As I started to scrub away at the faucet I realized there was something special about this faucet, turns out it’s copper! A gorgeous copper faucet! I shined it up like a brand new penny, oh boy does it sparkle. The first thing I wanted to replace in this house has become my favorite thing of all, and all because I knew how to shine my sink! God has been so good to us that a house we barely looked at, that sat vacant for almost a year, and it turned out to be our dream home.

I thank you so much Flylady, this is just one of the many ways your teachings have blessed my life.

A clean home is my dream home.

God Bless,



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