My Routines in Place

IMG_5777Dear Wonderful Flylady,

You made our catastrophe manageable and we weren’t even late for school! Let me explain…

Last week, I did my evening routine of dishwasher on, make the packed lunches for the next day & place in fridge, put oats in the porridge pot & set the breakfast plates on top, fill the kettle, empty dishwasher then relax.  Upon getting up the next morning, dressed to shoes & hair done (I don’t wear makeup, but always put cream on) I went downstairs and discovered that my precious fur-baby had vomiting and diarrhea in the night (I wish she’d barked so we could have helped her!) Cue a sudden increase in my morning chores! My DH came down before his shower to take our dog into the garden while I started the clean up. My sink was empty, I flicked the kettle switch on the way past it, put milk into the porridge pot & put the heat on very low then I got the disinfectants out to make our home safe & clean again. By the time our DS came downstairs, a little later than usual as he’d heard our dilemma, the place was clean again and breakfast was ready. We arrived at school with a few minutes to spare before the bell rang and I prayed to God, when sitting in traffic, to thank Him for you and your blessings that you bestow upon us daily.  Why did I not run around in a flap that morning with all that drama to contend with? Because I had my routines in place & that is because you taught me them.  You send peace to so many households, it is a true miracle that the actions of one person can bless so many.  May they come back to you when you need them.

Fluttering in the UK

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